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As leaders in the world of Amazon compliance we’ve worked with thousands of sellers over the years. We built our own outsourced team to help sellers manage their accounts and now we are offering our unique expertise, training and management skills to you.

You are a successful Amazon seller, you are insanely busy, and you need a clone or two to help manage your Amazon business.

A virtual assistant could be so useful. They can handle the day-to-day account management, compliance issues, customer service, product research, order taking even outbound sales. But, the reality isn’t always so rosy.

What Specifically Does High Touch Smiles Do For Amazon Sellers?

We’re The Experts

We’re the oldest and largest Amazon Seller support company. We get Amazon sellers out of trouble, keep them out of trouble, and help them grow. We have a Ph.D. in Amazon. Our proprietary training method will make sure your workers understand your world and are equipped to truly help you.

We Build Teams

Our goal is to hire and train reliable workers that are an extension of your team. They work WITH your operation, during your preferred hours. They can coordinate with your other partners and colleagues to get things done. They may be far away, but they work like they are in the next room.

Your Employee Only Works For You

Your full-time worker is yours and yours alone. This gives you the critical privacy/exclusivity you need in this highly competitive world of e-commerce sales. This means your workers are immersed in your business and committed to your success.

Multi-Channel Support

We know that many Amazon sellers also sell on other sites like eBay, Wal-Mart, and Shopify. We train your worker to assist with these marketplaces, also, if needed.

Your Workers Are In An Office

Every day your worker will come to our physical office and be supervised by us. This makes training and management much more reliable. We provide 100% oversight, tracking, and reporting of your workers’ activity.

In addition, your team will have functioning laptops, electricity, VPNs, and redundant internet.

We Fully Train Them

Every team member is fully trained on Amazon compliance issues such as Seller Central, Amazon seller policies, and violations. Your worker will be trained to monitor your account and keep you out of trouble in addition to whatever job you have for them.

Here’s what one client had to say:


“High Touch Smiles has built us excellent customer care and sales team that manages our day-to-day account tasks handles customer service across multiple e-commerce platforms and our Shopify store, and makes outbound calls for our company. They’ve done such a good job that we are adding more team members.”

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